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You are free to call us with any questions you might have regarding your home standby generator, but first, maybe the answer to one of these Frequently Asked Questions will address your concern.
What does a basic oil change include?
A basic oil change includes replacing Generac oil, Generac oil filter, checking the generator output Volts, Hertz, DC volts and performing a load test if a resident of the home is present. We also inspect the generator for any issues with parts listed under your warranty, so one of our trained service technicians can take care of it while there.
How long does an oil change take to perform? 
We are at the property for an average of 45 minutes to an hour changing fluids, cleaning, inspecting and testing the generator. 
What is the importance of using a dealer?
A certified Generac service dealer will know how to work on your generator properly and be able to fix any problems with it. Proper generator maintenance requires more than just changing oil.  Customers who choose to do oil changes themselves do not have the tools to test whether or not the generator is functioning as it should. Although Generac products are highly reliable, there are always potential problems with any piece of equipment, that can be easily repaired before you are caught off-guard. Companies who are not Certified Dealers do not have the precise knowledge or parts to repair your particular generator if it breaks, leaving you looking for another company and likely causing downtime. These companies use off-brand oil, filters and parts because they do not have access to Generac parts.  
Why is there a yellow light on?
The yellow light is a service light that comes on at different service intervals based on time and hours and is only a reminder to have it checked. 
The screen says to check battery. Does it need to be replaced?
The battery does not need to be replaced. It only says Check Battery not low battery or replace battery. This is a good reminder to call us for your annual generator service.
To clear the screen hit enter. The screen will read, " Has item been checked? Hit enter for ok." Hit enter again and it should be cleared.
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