ABC News Report: "Unlicensed Contractors Will Rip You Off"

In today's environment, it is common for home DIYers, or often just as dangerous- unlicensed contractors, to attempt electrical work they are not qualified to perform. In 2006, ABC News reported on the pitfalls and dangers associated with taking this risk, which are all still concerns today.

Unlicensed Contractors Will Rip You Off
By ELISABETH LEAMY (@elisabethleamy)
Nov. 3, 2006
Did you know you could be arrested for using an unlicensed contractor? It's true. In states that require licensing, hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal. And if that's not bad enough, did you know an unlicensed contractor who gets hurt on your property could sue you -- and win? Unlicensed contractors are unlikely to carry proper insurance, so it has happened.

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