More Exciting Advances from #1 in Generators

From Generac:

Once again, Generac is showing leadership in the standby generator category by bringing a new innovation to market that is unlike any home standby currently available - our new 22 kW Guardian Series air-cooled standby generator. 

Generac engineers took a multi-faceted approach to innovation to break this value barrier. A breakthrough engine and alternator combination was developed, utilizing the latest in high-tech powertrain technology to help achieve this record breaking 22 kW output level. This unit also boasts an even quieter QuietTest mode by operating at 1950 rpm, versus the standard QuietTest rpm of 2400. This feature also allows the generator to consume less fuel during the bi-weekly exercise, and is even more lot- line friendly due to the reduced sound outputs. In addition to all of the new technology baked into it, the new 22 kW also has all of the features and functionality that customers have come to expect from the number one standby generator manufacturer. 

Also changing is the standard Guardian line-up to better position you to win in the market place. The new lineup will feature 8, 11, 16, 20 & 22 kW nodes. The 11 & 16 kW units are also available in aluminum. All units will offer a selectable exercise that is by default set to bi-weekly, but can be set to weekly or monthly. This additional flexibility allows customers the option of a less frequent exercise time, thus reducing fuel expense. The 16-22 kW will also boast only a 5 minute exercise time, while the 8 & 11 kW will remain 12 minutes.